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24/7 IT Support – How Does It Work?

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24/7 IT Support – How Does It Work?

Several IT managed service and support companies claim to offer 24/7 IT support yet fail to define exactly what they mean. So what is 24/7 IT support?

For some support companies 24/7 IT support simply means 24/7 automated monitoring, which logs and flags up errors for the support team to respond to when they’re in the office. Other companies may go one step further and provide reactive IT support 24/7 but outsource this to another provider, who doesn’t know your account, to manage issues outside of normal office hours.

We go to the extreme.

Bluegrass 24/7 IT Support

All of our clients on our all inclusive BlueCare support package benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 reactive IT support every single day of the year
  • Bluegrass engineers who know your IT systems and are familiar with your business
  • Not just an advisory help desk service – we will do all we feasibly can to fix your IT issue there and then
  • 24/7 support for all your users, regardless of whether they are site based or remote workers
  • No extra charge for having the facility and/or using the service out of normal office hours
  • 24/7 automated monitoring in addition to a live and immediate response

Our 24/7 365 IT support is genuinely that. It’s not a gimmick to sign up new clients nor an income generator through hidden charges.

If you like the sound of genuine 24/7 IT support and the peace of mind that brings please give us a call on 01392 207194 to discuss.


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